Type Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
Email Marketing $125 per blast
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Job Board $50
Video Ads $100
Affiliate Marketing 50% commission 1st year
2% renewal commission
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E-Commerce Marketing $50 (1 item)
$200 (1 item)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) $500+
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Featured Spotlight $250+
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Newsletter Ask for rates Ask for rates
Sponsored Newsletter Ask for rates Ask for rates

bp Social bundles´╗┐

BARE MINIMUM $19.99/mo

1 Social Set

30 posts per social set

REACTION $39.99/mo

1 Social Set

60 posts per social set

OPTIMAL $59.99/mo

1 Social Set

150 posts per social set

YouTube is available

Sponsorship Bundles

Print Sponsor

$4,500 (per issue)
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter issue
  • See your name and logo in one or all issues of the Bermuda Magazine (mobile, web, print/pdf on cover in left hand corner, digital)

Section Sponsor

$1,500 (3 months)
  • Have your logo appear in a section of your choice, first come, first served in the Bermuda Parent Magazine (mobile, web, print/pdf, digital)

Network Sponsor

$15,000 (year)
  • Become our Network Sponsor, have your logo sites:
  • Mybp
  • bpSocial Media suite (add all 5 icons)
  • Bermuda Parent Magazine
  • bpLearning
  • bpNetwork

Additional Services

Advertising and Marketing Campaign
Event Coordination and Hosting
Web Development Consulting
Sell or Rent Internal Pages